• Advanced image & video modules
  • Audio
  • Downloads
  • Links
  • Quotes
  • Forms & polls
  • Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn feeds
  • SlideShare
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Tagcloud
  • Featured image
  • Custom module


  • Total / unique visitors
  • Returning / new visitors
  • E-mail clicks, opens, bounces
  • Sources
  • Real-time graphs
  • Most viewed releases
  • Most viewed media
  • Most downloaded files
  • Custom PDF report
  • Google Analytics module

Distribution & sharing

  • Social push (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Social sharing toolbars
  • E-mail integration
  • Opt-in e-mail list
  • Full RSS feed
  • Tag feeds


  • Unlimited number of users
  • Training session
  • Data import / export
  • Dedicated accountmanager
  • Phone support
  • Service Level Agreement


  • Full custom design
  • Seamless integration
  • Advanced Media Library
  • Coverage overview
  • Social sharing / follow functionality
  • Headline modules (5 types)
  • Search
  • Calendar
  • Facebook newsroom


Turning a content strategy into tangible results is hard. That is why our development team focuses on three key operational aspects which have direct impact on the performance of our clients.


The PressPage Manager sets the industry standard in usability and allows you to create compelling stories. Image and video modules have advanced options to present content in a multitude of ways. Add downloads, social media feeds and interactive elements like forms and polls. The possibilities are endless using our 30+ modules and even custom modules if default functionality does not suit your needs.


When everything is set and done, use our distribution functionality to launch your story into the world. Seamless publication to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will provide the first wave of visitors. This first wave can be maximized by adding multiple accounts per platform. Integration with e-mail lists and other channels ensure that people less active on social media get a similar message.


After distribution the real-time generation of statistics is triggered. Instantly see new/returning visitors, most popular media items, most downloaded files, the origin of visitors and more. Leverage the available data to improve the story at hand or learn lessons to let the next story perform even better.


The PressPage platform is designed to give creative freedom. This starts with integration, where our platform gives full control of branding and structure of domains/URLs without technical compromise.

Design & custom functionality

Our dedicated accountmanagers and developers work with every client to create fully customized experiences. From design to new functionality, PressPage is designed to facilitate requirements from the most demanding communications professionals. All seamlessly integrated or stand-alone as a new destination.

URL structure

From a reserved domain to a subdomain or subfolder, PressPage can be implemented into any URL structure.

  1. Full domain -

    For stand alone newsrooms / content hubs that have separate domain.


    • A record set to PressPage redirect server (which adds www)
    • CNAME record pointing ‘’ to
  2. Subfolder -

    A simple and clean URL structure with a slightly less simple way of integrating.


    • htaccess / proxy to (our team will provide you with more information)
  3. Subdomain -

    The most used way of integrating.


    • CNAME record pointing ‘’ to

Data import

To ensure a smooth transition from other systems to PressPage, our team imports all data using existing XML feeds or by scraping content. Whether joining or leaving PressPage, our team makes sure data is migrated correctly (for more information, see data portability).

Security & backups

The data and reputation of our clients is of vital importance to us. It is literally our business.
That is why we take strict measures to prevent data loss or manipulation.

Certified Secure

Apart from internal code review the PressPage platform has been thoroughly audited by independent external auditor Pine Security. This has resulted in a 100% score, which underlines our dedication to securing the data of our clients.

For in-depth information about the audit and the results, please contact our team to receive Third Party Memo in PDF (classified).

Code standards & best practices

The PressPage development team is constantly improving processes by adopting best practices and adhering to code standards like PSR-2 and PSR-4. This ensures the code quality and prevention of a lot of unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Backup & restore

Apart from possible attacks, there are lots of other potential threats that can cause data to disappear or get corrupted. To be able to restore after disaster, backups of the entire database are created every 5 minutes and all uploaded files are synced to a backup server every 30 minutes. This ensures that disasters have a very minimal impact on the data present in PressPage. Backups are hosted on Amazon and an independent third party host. For more information on availability, see our infrastructure page.

Technical specifications

Data portability

One of our core beliefs is that data should be fully portable. Businesses should not be locked into systems. Unfortunately we come across a lot of systems that have very limited data portability support, resulting in data loss for a lot of companies. To counter this, we provide a scraping service to make sure as much content as possible is being imported.

Once a company uses PressPage, data portability is covered and there will be no data loss if for some reason there needs to be a switch to a different platform/product. Every account has an export option which produces a ZIP file. That export file contains JSON files with all texts and a folder with uploaded files. With that, it is relatively simple to populate any system using the JSON (or XML) in combination with the files without any loss of data.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the structure of the export or questions regarding importing data into PressPage.


As a SaaS service, PressPage is designed to scale. Built on top of Amazon Web Services, the platform is able to process massive amounts of requests. This is of critical importance in case of crisis or big announcements with accompanying peak traffic.

System overview

The PressPage core is hosted using Amazon Web Services. Elastic Load Balancing distributes all traffic to a cluster of EC2 instances which is completely auto-scaled. These instances process data and serve pages. Every one of them is connected to a central RDS (MySQL) instance which holds all data. For optimal performance, most content is cached using an ElastiCache cluster. Static files are saved on S3, where CloudFront (CDN) is placed on top to make sure files load fast no matter the location of a visitor.

The following schema gives a basic overview.

Apart from the Amazon infrastructure, backups are also transferred to an additional independent host for redundancy and ensure the availability of data in a worst-case scenario.