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Acceptable Use Policy

Presspage uses a positive approach for providing its services. Presspage is guided by what it strives for and the impact it wants to have. For this reason, Presspage has established minimum requirements for companies involved in products or services that may affect the health and safety of people.

  1. Scope: This Acceptable Use Policy applies to Customers’ use of the Services provided by Presspage or its affiliates (‘Presspage’).
  2. Violations: A breach of this Policy by a Customer shall be deemed a material breach of the Main Agreement and/or other agreement regulating the use of the Services by the customer.
  3. Prohibited Activities: The Customer and/or User hereby undertakes not to use the Service to store, make available or otherwise process any information:
    1. that infringes the rights of Presspage or third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights or rights regarding the protection of privacy;
    2. that is discriminatory and/or offensive based on, including but not limited to, appearance, race, religion, gender, culture, or origin.
    3. that incites violence against and/or harassment of another person or other persons that gives rise to or is the result of exploitation or abuse of other persons;
    4. that advocates or advances criminal hacking, cracking, or phishing;
    5. that is pornographic or contains a link to pornographic material or pornographic websites;
    6. that contains material that is related to the weapon or tobacco industry;
    7. that contains obscene or otherwise objectionable material;
    8. that is related to illegal drugs or drug related items;
    9. that contains malicious material;
    10. in which personal data of minors are requested;
    11. in which personal data of other persons are made available;
    12. that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, bots or other software that may damage render unusable or inaccessible, delete or appropriate automated work or data, or that are intended to circumvent security measures of the Website and/or of Presspage’s computer systems;
    13. that promotes, encourages or facilitates the performance of illegal activities;
    14. in which chain letters, junk mail or spamming are involved;
    15. whereby passwords or other information that can be traced to persons is requested for commercial or illegal purposes, or commercial purposes are otherwise intended;
    16. that conflicts with any applicable legislation or regulations; or that conflicts and/or is in breach with other provisions of the Conditions of Use, for example sending emails or other communications that violate any applicable anti-spam or privacy law or regulation. This includes, but is not limited to, sending emails to persons who have requested to be removed from a mailing list and not complying with notice and takedown procedures in case of an alleged infringement.
  4. Presspage may at any time amend or supplement this Acceptable Use Policy. In that case the amended Conditions of Use will be posted at and will be effective upon posting.

Last updated: May 2021