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Make the complex simple, with PR software for healthcare

Healthcare is hard. Your public relations software shouldn’t make it harder. Presspage for healthcare media relations lets you communicate the facts with pinpoint accuracy and audience appeal.

Healthcare media relations to manage every story

Presspage gives every healthcare PR professional the corporate PR newsroom tools to reach the people who matter – the journalists and publications who bring your stories to a broader market.

  • Provide accurate information on the right channels

  • Bring visibility and ease to your media relations with our Media Inquiries functionality

  • Share success stories with the wider world

  • Target trade press and niche audiences precisely

Healthcare media relations

Why use a PR software platform?

Complex health stories need to be expertly communicated. Healthcare crisis communications are rife with potential for misunderstandings. And the sheer size of the healthcare industry means information overload. Yet many PR departments remain fragmented, with individuals pursuing their goals independently. Presspage PR software for healthcare brings them together, with a unified set of tools and a database of trade press and media professionals. Letting you manage story creation and distribution as a team, define and decide each audience precisely, and see and share the results. Every release, every time.

PR tools optimized for the Healthcare sector

Presspage is more than a PR tool for healthcare; it’s an infrastructure for communications professionals – whether you’re a hospital, clinical services provider, or equipment supplier.

  • A digital newsroom for Healthcare PR needs

  • CRM-style management tools for Public Relations

  • Media database with over 1,000,000 contacts

  • A dedicated space for Media Inquiries

  • Analytics and reporting that show performance

  • Healthcare crisis communications tools

  • Social media distribution channels included

When times are good, share your successes

Positive press and uplifting stories are common in healthcare, but traditional PR approaches can make it hard to make your story heard. By letting you shape your communications to specific audiences and channels, you can share your clinical stories, product launches, human interest articles with the journalists most able to publish you.

When in crisis mode, manage without drama

Every health provider has a plan for healthcare crisis communications – but do you have the tools to execute it effectively when it’s most needed? With a PR software platform for healthcare that lets you store templates, communicate with teams, manage distribution lists, and (most importantly) get things done fast, you won’t be wrongfooted in a bad situation – your crisis management plan is always ready to go into action.

Shape the narrative across Healthcare

The healthcare industry is interconnected and multilayered. Yet the right PR strategy can make your voice matter, taking your healthcare media relations from information provider to opinion leader. Presspage gives you a newsroom management system that makes every piece of communication work harder … and produce better results.

Don’t take our word for it

  • “The onboarding experience was pleasant, productive, uncomplicated and efficient with quick response time.”

    Communications Manager Digital Sana Kliniken

  • “When we came across Presspage, that was when the lightbulb went off – we have this idea for content, and now we have an easy to use, attractive looking digital platform for our newsroom.”

    Director Media Relations, OhioHealth

The driving force behind PR in the Healthcare industry

In an industry where expertise is niche and public perception is shaped as much by casual conversation as accurate knowledge, the ability to communicate what you mean to the right people – often with zero lead time – is essential. From crisis communications to story management, the digital newsroom tools of the Presspage PR platform can keep you out in front.

It's easy to get started

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