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Supercharge your media relations, with Presspage automotive PR software

The automotive industry is changing. New products. New technologies. New use cases. All these press releases in the vehicle and transportation industry need managing. Presspage digital newsroom tools put you in the driver’s seat.

Automotive Public Relations software to steer every story

Across publications with different target audiences and narrative objectives, Presspage automotive public relations software helps your team in a trio of ways:

  • Targeting content for different audiences, tailoring each release for the journalist receiving it

  • Maintaining a consistent face to the world, across all communication channels

  • Staying ahead of industry trends and tactics for maximum exposure

Public relations in the automotive industry

Why use a PR software platform?

Whether you’re creating midsized hatchbacks, luxury automobiles, or press releases, getting them out in the world is a team effort. Presspage’s automotive press release software maximizes the potential of your PR team, bringing together content creation, media databases, and distribution channels – making the journey from initial idea to final output smooth and trouble-free.

Proven PR tools with features designed for the automotive sector

Sometimes it’ll be innovative product announcements; sometimes it’ll be crisis communications. You need the tools to manage them all, from people who know how the automotive industry works – and the success factors they need to address. Presspage is a automotive pubic relations software that does it all.

  • A digital newsroom platform for today’s automotive PR

  • Build relationships and reputations across the automotive trade press

  • Take advantage of more than 1,000,000 broad and niche media contacts

  • Clock your performance with sophisticated analytics functions

  • Make every automotive press release reach its optimal audience

  • Maintain a library of digital assets for reuse

  • Stay on top of social media

Excite journalists with your latest innovations

Few industries are moving as fast as automotive. The shape of the industry is changing, and nobody knows how it’ll look in 25 years. Automotive public relations software from Presspage lets you demonstrate how your news stories fit into the larger narrative around the sector, with every communication emerging from your department tailored for its audience.

Create automotive press releases as part of a process

A broad and deep industry needs broad and deep expertise – which is why automotive PR teams tend to contain diverse sets of skills. The Presspage automotive press release software meshes those skills into an integrated, high-performance team, without any one professional losing their autonomy or independence. So every communication carries the voice of experience.

Manage crisis communications professionally and efficiently

PR comes into its own when automotive businesses face their biggest challenges. The right automotive press release at the right time can defuse even the most difficult PR situation – but time is always of the essence. Automotive public relations software lets your team come together when their talents are needed most.

Don’t take our word for it

  • “The implementation process is very well planned and executed and the communication is transparent throughout the project with clarity in the timeline.

    Specialist PR & Communications, smart Europe GmbH
    smart Europe

  • The transition to the newly redesigned newsrooms has been smooth and the collaboration was very positive especially due to the personal service and time invested from Presspage.”

    Head of External Communications EMEA, Automotive Customer

The driving force behind PR in the Automotive industry

Presspage knows what drives the auto sector – thanks to over a decade of experience with some of the world’s best-known automotive names. It’s a newsroom management system ready to go to work for this fast-changing industry – whatever changes you see in the road ahead.

It's easy to get started

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