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PR for Investor Relations publishing & distribution made easy

The investor relations landscape has drastically changed. The growing number of issuers, fully digitized investor communications, and fragmented online channels are requiring IR professionals to adopt technology, such as corporate news release software, in order to get the word out and cultivate investor attention and trust.

Presspage allows IR teams to simplify their workflow and boost their digital IR communications without compromising on regulations.

Simplified disclosure workflow

Stressless disclosure process with one single platform.

Presspage offers a reliable, simple, and effective integrated disclosure workflow for regulated news making it an excellent tool on PR for investor relations. Simultaneously publish trading updates and other regulated content directly to your IR newsroom, distribution lists, and social channels with one easy workflow. No need for multiple tools, copy/pasting, or being dependent on other departments.

Key Benefits of Presspage Digital Investor Communications

  • Manage Accurate Financial Disclosures

    Stay on top of your financial disclosures with ease, ensuring accurate and timely delivery across all communication channels while complying with relevant legislation.

  • Proactive Investor Communication

    Engage with your investors on a deeper level by proactively reaching out to them, providing the information they need when they need it.

  • Build Relevant Analyst Relations

    Strengthen your relationships with analysts through effective communication and targeted updates, enabling them to make informed decisions and recommendations.

  • Time and Effort Savings

    Bid farewell to the days of repetition and copy-pasting. Our solution reduces the time and effort spent on publication days, allowing you to focus on high-value activities.

  • Eradicate Early Disclosures and Inconsistent Stories

    Ensure a consistent message and accurate information by reducing the insider circle and eliminating early disclosures and inconsistent narratives across different channels.

  • Attract New Investors

    Proactively target and attract new investors by showcasing your company’s strengths, achievements, and investment potential in a compelling and engaging manner.

    Take back control

    Reduce the circle of insiders.

    Presspage will allow you to take back control of both the distribution and web publication of your regulated news. You will no longer be dependent on web teams and/or agencies by implementing PR for investor relations, you can efficiently manage your communication strategies, allowing you to reduce the number of people that will have access to your financial data prior to publication.

    We pass the Enterprise test

    Presspage offers enterprise security and world-class support.

    Security is key for financial communications platforms. Utilizing state-of-the-art corporate news release software can provide an added layer of protection, ensuring that confidential data remains secure throughout the dissemination process. That is why Presspge offers enterprise-level SSO or MFA connectivity, IP-restricted access, data encryption, and is the only platform of its kind with ISO 27001:2013 certification.

    World-class Investor Relations Newsrooms

    Elevate your disclosure and compliance game.

    Create a central home for all your financial content, including PR for investor relations. Hosted within your company’s web domain and seamlessly branded within the design of your current corporate website. Presspage allows you to easily manage your IR newsroom to become the authoritative source for analysts, shareholders and key stakeholders.

    Investor Relations metrics & reporting

    Understand and report the interactivity with your financial content.

    Unlock the power of insights with easily digestible metrics. Stay ahead of the game and inform leadership with regular and comprehensive reports on the financial communication of the organization.

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    It's easy to get started

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