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CommTech Solution for Crisis Communications 

In full control of communication before, during and after a Crisis situation

Don’t let a crisis catch you off guard. With Presspage’s powerful crisis communication tools, you can be ready to respond quickly and effectively, no matter what comes your way. Build credibility, maintain control, and protect your organization’s reputation – all with the click of a button.

Proactively prepare for a potential crisis

In times of crisis, time is of the essence. That’s why having a pre-prepared holding statement can make all the difference. With user-friendly templates, you can save valuable time by preparing draft holding statements several potential issues, ready to be published at a moment’s notice.

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But that’s not all. We understand that some content may be particularly sensitive, and you need to ensure that only certain members of your team have access to it before it gets published. Our platform lets you easily manage user permissions for all your content, ensuring that only those who need to see it have access.

Manage work during a crisis 

Our emergency newsroom solution is critical to your crisis response strategy. By redirecting all newsroom traffic to a pre-prepared release, you can immediately communicate basic information about the crisis to your stakeholders. And with our Live News module you can provide real-time updates to your audience, maintaining their trust in you during this challenging time.

Crisis response doesn’t end with communication. You also need to manage inquiries from multiple stakeholders – and that’s where our (Media) Inquiries solution comes in, consolidating all requests in one easy-to-use environment, allowing you to quickly follow up or delegate tasks.

Analyse, report and improve

Presspage understands the importance of during and post-crisis analysis, which is why we offer a suite of analytics that provides you with valuable data to report internally. Our analytics not only give you insight into the impact of the crisis, but also offer valuable directions on how to better prepare for future crises on your issue list.

Don’t let a crisis catch you off guard – let Presspage help you navigate through it with confidence!

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