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Enjoy the pride of proactive storytelling with PR software

Control your narrative. Drive proactive story telling. Gain autonomy. Get this and much more with the Presspage PR for aviation platform.

A consolidated PR platform to create impact

Presspage equips aviation teams with the tools to shape and ever-changing landscape with the Airline Press Release Software:

  • Control the narrative with Live News Module

  • Bring visibility and ease to your media relations with our Media Inquiries functionality

  • Remove dependencies and gain autonomy with the software that streamlines the publication & distribution of your most important messages.

Public relations in aviation industry

Why use a PR software?

With high expectations from the public, aviation companies’ reality is that comms teams need to take charge and protect the brand. Presspage’s PR for aviation management software equips you with the right tools to tell your story while remaining in complete control. Move from firefighting to proactive media relations and take charge of your communications strategy.

Clever PR tools for always-on aviation comms teams

… we’re an entire PR management solution for your aviation comms department…

  • Your very own digital newsroom

  • Crisis communication tools including live news module

  • PR Customer Relationship Management

  • A dedicated space for Media Inquiries

  • A media database containing more than 1M contacts

  • Integrated social media distribution

  • Analytics on engagement

  • Digital asset library

Control the narrative with our PR for Aviation even in times of crises

Crisis can not always be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. However, with the revolutionary Airline Press Release Software, airlines can now efficiently manage and respond to crises in a systematic and proactive manner. As you know we’re becoming familiar with the “ongoing crisis.” To stay on top of the news and maintain the narrative, Presspage offers you a dedicated space to keep the public up to date with the facts with the Live News Module.

Let’s put the wind under your wings

Presspage helps you start a conversation with your audiences about the most important issues in the aviation industry – sustainability, diversity and innovation. Spend less time on fixing problems and more time on telling the stories that matter, especially in PR for Aviation.

Advancing change in an evolving industry

With public concerns about environmental issues, climate change and noise pollution, these are challenging times for the aviation industry. But with new technologies that make travel greener and quieter, and new airports that bring employment and access, there is plenty of good news to share.

Presspage, the leading Airline Press Release Software, equips you with new ways of creating and distributing content so that you can focus on turning that storytelling task into a proactive brand management activity, including PR for Aviation.

Control your communications during a crisis

“Since May this year (2022) and our comms team entered a new reality with great pressure and an overwhelming attention from media and customers. Presspage helped us gain back autonomy over the narrative and establish ourselves as the source of truth. It used to take us up to 15 mins to push information live, now this is possible in seconds and we do it ourselves. Presspage’s Live News blog brought efficiency and independence to our team.”

Blog Post

See how Presspage brought autonomy to the communications team for one of our customers


Don’t take our word for it

  • “Presspage is an essential partner, providing an easy-to-use, scalable platform that enables us to share our story with media around the world.”

    Director, Global Communications,

  • “Six months after launching our Presspage newsroom, readership quadrupled compared to our old native newsroom.”

    Director of PR, Sheperd Center

The driving force behind PR in aviation industry

We can help you strengthen your communications strategy by equipping you to consistently tell stories that achieve maximum exposure, drive engagement, and shape a narrative that showcases the best of your institution.

It's easy to get started

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