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Enjoy the pride of proactive storytelling

Enjoy the pride of proactive storytelling with CommTech for aviation comms teams


The aviation industry has a major impact on the world we live in. It brings people, cultures and businesses together. It generates economic growth and facilitates trade and tourism. Alongside all the good, aviation has been going through some challenging times as well.  Growing global warming concerns and workforce shortages have put aviation companies in the center of the attention of society - and not in a good way. With the continuously growing expectations of the public, companies in aviation have now entered a new reality where more than ever they need their communications departments to take charge and protect their brand.

But, corporate comms teams in the aviation industry are facing many complexities in the process of owning their communications strategy - and ultimately - building their brand.

They can often be faced with either having to handle multiple crises simultaneously or managing a so-called “ongoing” crisis. This results in continuously having to answer questions from customers, stakeholders and the media, which inevitably results in too much time spent on fixing problems rather than preventing them. Therefore, it becomes difficult for them to respond to the media’s inquiries in a timely and consistent manner or to maintain control of the narrative during a crisis situation.


One of our customers, one of the largest airports in Europe, has been recently experiencing some of these challenges firsthand, as the increasing issues with workforce shortage put the airport in the spotlight.

“Since May this year (2022)  and our comms team entered a new reality with great pressure and overwhelming attention from media and customers. Unfortunately, this has meant that the priorities in our communication strategy had to be adapted,” said their spokesperson.

As much as “firefighting” is a crucial part of the job of communication teams, that often does not leave space and time for working on a proactive communications strategy. Our experience in working with various aviation companies has shown that there are many positive stories from innovation to sustainability that do not get the light of day. 

Not having the right tools to help navigate through the clutter creates more hurdles in the communication process. These teams are in need of a streamlined process that enables them to respond to media in a timely and consistent manner, maintain the narrative, and to focus on the proactive storytelling. Tech that controls the chaos instead of adding to it.  

This is why at Presspage we have created a platform that helps always-on aviation comms teams make an impact with their work that goes beyond the crisis of the moment. By offering ways to simply create and distribute key content so that teams can focus on proactive storytelling and brand management work.When you adopt a fit-for-purpose solution for your core tasks, you find time to do the things that make a positive impact. Things like:

  • Controlling the narrative with Live News Module
  • Freeing up space for proactive communication with Media Inquiries
  • Removing dependencies and gaining autonomy with consolidated workflows

“Presspage helped us regain autonomy over the narrative and establish ourselves as the source of truth. It used to take us up to 15 mins to push information live, now this is possible in seconds and we do it ourselves. Presspage brought efficiency and independence to our team.”  


Curious to explore more of the benefits that come with our solution and to discover the impact it can deliver? Check out why Presspage is perfect for the challenges the aviation industry are experiencing today. Ready to see how it can work for you?  Book a personalized demo today.