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Take travel PR and communications to the skies

The travel industry spans cultures and languages, crosses oceans and borders. And so does travel industry PR. With Presspage, a travel & tourism public relations software, communications professionals can balance the concerns of different audiences – leisure, business, regulatory, economic, environmental – with a digital newsroom platform that lets you answer every challenge as a team.

A travel PR platform that takes you to new horizons

Splashy new destinations, time-sensitive announcements, or dealing with untoward events? Whether you’re in transport, tours, or hospitality, travel and tourism public relations software like Presspage can do three big things for you.

  • Introducing new destinations and experiences. Travel industry PR is essential for connecting with Travel and tourism publications and sharing captivating stories about where you’ll take them next.

  • Presenting a unified face to the world. Converse with your audience as an integrated team across borders.

  • Going into action in times of crisis. Cancellations, delays and disasters all happen. A digital newsroom can make the best of bad situations.

Public relations in the travel and tourism sector

Why use a PR software platform?

Travel industry PR reaches people across a wide variety of use cases. They may be researching their next holiday using travel & tourism public relations software; they may be looking for fresh ideas; they may be stuck in a foreign country and anxiously following social media. A PR software platform for newsroom management lets you collaborate and communicate for every use case.

Travel and tourism PR tools with reach and depth

Just like a travel itinerary must integrate land, sea, and air, a PR and communications platform needs to integrate every part of the travel industry PR workflow – initial ideation and creation, audience selection and distribution, and a ready-to-go plan when in crisis management mode. Presspage brings together all the functions you need:

  • A complete digital newsroom modeled on PR processes

  • CRM for reaching out to large numbers of professional contacts

  • A media database of more than 1,000,000 names

  • An analysis module providing facts and figures

  • Tools for pre-planning and executing crisis communications scenarios

  • A digital asset library for reusing templates and content

  • Connection to social media channels and their audiences

Keep customers informed and excited

Whether you sell rides, rooms, or experiences, travel & tourism public relations software can be an asset for managing your inventory effectively. Travel and tourism inventory has a sell-by date beyond which it’s useless. A key goal of travel industry PR is to get those slots booked at the right price – and the right PR platform can help you persuade your broader audience that the exotic city or hip hotel they’ve heard about is the right one for them.

Control the narrative and solve a crisis

From unexpected cancellation to natural disaster, negative events in travel PR can affect companies in the industry disproportionately – with even a single bad story multiplying fast. At times like these the corporate travel industry PR newsroom needs to act fast, communicating with its market honestly and accurately. It’s an area where media relations software like Presspage shines.

Stay on top of trends in travel and tourism

Destination cities come and go; hotspot party towns go cold; beach vibes ebb and flow with fashion. In the travel sector it’s vital to know what’s hot and what’s not – so you can offer the right product mix to your market. Utilizing travel & tourism public relations software can greatly aid in this endeavor. With analytics tools in a “digital newsroom” that show you how your communications are being picked up or dropped, you can read the industry.

Don’t take our word for it

  • “Presspage is an essential partner, providing an easy-to-use, scalable platform that enables us to share our story with media around the world.”

    Director, Global Communications,

  • “Six months after launching our Presspage newsroom, readership quadrupled compared to our old native newsroom.”

    Director of PR, Sheperd Center

The driving force behind tourism and travel industry PR

In an industry as varied and diverse as travel, corporate communications need to be integrated at every stage of the workflow. That’s where Presspage for travel PR comes in. A digital newsroom management system that covers creation, collaboration, and distribution, it’s your ticket to a more productive PR function enterprise-wide.

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