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How Presspage helped BT optimize their publishing process

Things in the telecommunications industry can change very fast. As a company that serves security, cloud, and networking services to customers in over 180 countries, the BT team requires tools that can help them keep up with the pace of their sector. With Presspage, the external communications team at BT has removed all unnecessary steps to publishing, gaining extra time, autonomy, and flexibility.

“We have to react very quickly to changes within the industry. We don’t have time to go through a number of different steps or iterations in order to get something to the public. Being able to go out and quickly publish releases and updates for our stakeholders and customers is probably the most important for us.”

Adel El Asla
Digital Product Manager, BT

Quick publishing for tight deadlines

Since implementing their Presspage newsroom in 2019, BT was able to improve their publishing process by placing control in the hands of the communications team. User permissions were evenly distributed among relevant team members involved in media content creation and publishing, making publishing quicker and more efficient.

Full control over the brand

BT’s newsroom is fully branded to ensure consistency across channels. The ability to easily style and customize their releases in the way they need was a huge improvement – people from different teams are able to operate it without any coding knowledge or technical skills. It saves time not only for the Communications team but also for those who oversee and manage the digital tools of the company.

Creating an external media repository

The media library at BT used to be a large estate of everything that had been produced. “Through Presspage, we’ve been able to start implementing rules to control the type and quality of content that goes into the library, as well as the structure”, says their Digital Product Manager. Simple changes like how things are named and tagged have already made a huge difference in the way media content is presented, making it easier for newsroom visitors to browse and look for information.

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