A revitalized newsroom strategy attracts a loyal audience for CIPR

Since 1948, the UK’s leading PR association, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, has provided their members with thought leadership, best practices, and an industry voice. Koray Camgoz, the CIPR’s Public Relations Manager, implemented a communications strategy for their easy-to-use Presspage newsroom that is benefitting the entire organization.

“Our key stakeholders are coming directly to us for news.”

Koray Camgoz
Public Relations Manager, CIPR

Staying ahead of the curve

For the CIPR, there is never a shortage of things to communicate. In the fast-paced world of PR, they want to stay ahead of the curve, sharing up-to-date info on hot topics and playing the role of industry thought-leader. The question became how to do this in an effective and efficient way that encourages a loyal readership while attracting new audiences. With readers spread across a variety of social media platforms and a need to quantify PR efforts, the CIPR re-evaluated their newsroom strategy to fit their new goals.

A versatile newsroom for a holistic approach

A holistic approach to content distribution was central in guiding CIPR’s efforts to boost coverage. Analytics for the Presspage newsroom provide insight into what works and what doesn’t. Koray Camgoz, the CIPR’s Public Relations Manager, explained that for each type of message, there is a specific channel that is best suited for it. Synced directly with their social media platforms, the CIPR’s Presspage newsroom allows for easy distribution to their right channels at the right times.

The Presspage platform also makes it easy to embed rich media directly into their releases: “Whenever there is a chance to publish a video, we try to do that. I really like the fact that it is easy to embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, or a Podcast from Soundcloud directly in the release. This is great and it enables us to enrich the releases.”

Camogz found that the CIPR’s Presspage platform did more than provide helpful helpful analytics: having a central place where all news releases are easily searchable, accessible and shareable for different audiences is essential.

Success with Presspage

The Presspage newsroom is simple and intuitive, empowering a steady and reliable flow of publishing. Camogz observes: “When I first logged in, I found it very easy to use. I placed a call with our dedicated Presspage Customer Success Manager as to get the best out of all the features available. It is [also] easy to train other people to use it.”

Always mindful of the need to quantify his PR efforts, Camogz relies on Presspage analytics to guide him in publishing relevant stories, distributing these through appropriate channels, and bringing readers back to one central place.

Since adopting a holistic content strategy for the newsroom, “We see a positive increase in the number of unique visits to the newsroom,” says Camogz. “Over the past 12 to 16 months, there have been a range of interesting stories that we’ve published, which have led our key stakeholders coming directly to us for news.”

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