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Shape your communications, influence your audience

The manufacturing sector is vast and diverse, with millions of moving parts – all of which your PR outreach needs to address. Presspage public relations software for manufacturing companies is sized for the challenge, letting you communicate your activities and initiatives wherever you are in the global supply chain.

Manufacturing public relations software that assures quality

From the most complicated computer chip to the most precision-formed engine part, quality is part of every manufacturing company’s brand. With Presspage for press releases in the manufacturing industry, you can ensure every communication is fit-for-purpose.

  • Share your product launches and updates on time

  • Get out ahead of service announcements and recalls

  • Bring all the skills of your communications team together

Public relations in the manufacturing business

Why use a PR software platform?

PR for manufacturing must answer a large number of goals. There are your industry buyers and prospects, who know all the details of your niche. But there are larger businesses with the pain points you solve, and a public audience ready to assign blame for any defect, even if the fault is elsewhere in the supply chain. The right PR software platform can handle every need.

Bring machinelike precision to manufacturing public relations

With Presspage, all the moving parts are integrated into a smoothly performing whole. Content creation, workflow management, media distribution: you name it. It’s the toolset you need.

  • A digital newsroom platform perfect for manufacturing

  • Customer Relationship Management as part of public relations

  • An in-depth media database of over 1,000,000 contacts

  • Analytics abilities giving you the story behind the numbers

  • Tools for crisis management and response

  • Your own library of digital assets

  • Social media distribution to reach all audiences

Present product benefits to the ideal audience

Different publications have different objectives, from raw materials vendors to buyers along the supply chain to final customers using your product. With a million-strong database of media contacts, including thousands covering the manufacturing sector and the sectors you trade with, you’ll find the perfect audience for every announcement.

Build the right relationships across the media

A newsroom management system brings together all those disparate lists and spreadsheets many PR professionals use in isolation, offering a single source of information across your manufacturing PR team that doesn’t exclude other ways of working. These digital newsroom tools let you contact, connect, and communicate – on as many channels as you need.

Solve the challenges of crisis communications

PR for manufacturing companies involves management of both positive and negative newsflow – and that includes how you deal with recalls, defects, and Serious Untoward Incidents where your products played a role. Clear and concise press releases at these times are vital – and the more timely, the better. Presspage lets you do it.

Don’t take our word for it

  • “The Presspage platform is a great system to elevate the PR and media relations work and the onboarding team is very customer-oriented.”

    Global Strategic Marketing,
    Manufacturing Customer

  • “Six months after launching our Presspage newsroom, readership quadrupled compared to our old native newsroom.”

    Director of PR, Sheperd Center

The driving force behind PR in the world’s manufacturing industries

Discover how the Presspage corporate PR newsroom tools can empower your team to produce and distribute accurate and timely custom-created content – at the scale you need to stay known in this vast sector.

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