Empower your PR

Companies all over the world use our innovative platform
to get their PR efforts to the next level. Discover how we contribute to their success.

Create compelling stories

An array of over 40 powerful modules is at your disposal to create beautiful newsrooms, releases, blogs, media centers and more. Our intuitive interface will enable you to increase your efficiency dramatically.

Distribute instantly for maximum reach

Get your content in front of your audience by leveraging social channels, e-mail lists, RSS, our API and other channels. All in one seamless process, directly or scheduled on a specific time and date. Maximize your reach with minimal effort.

Real-time insights

See the results of your work appear in real-time on your dashboard or check detailed statistics. Discover which media are the most popular and how to improve your next piece of content. The PDF report functionality allows you to send results to your colleagues.

Customer Success

Our dedicated Customer Success team makes sure you get the most out of the platform. From onboarding and training to providing personalized tips & tricks and additional insights. Questions can be asked directly through our ticketing system or by phone.

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