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Create engaging stories, seamlessly distribute to maximize reach and analyze the results in one intuitive workflow. We guarantee you will have more peace of mind.


Use our collection of over 40 advanced modules to create beautiful newsrooms, engaging stories and professional media centers.

Make it visual

Bring your content to life in numerous ways using rich multimedia modules to present images, videos, audio, downloads, infographics and all kinds of other materials.

Engage your audience

Integrate social media and interactive elements like forms and polls to engage your audience and increase your indirect reach through likes, mentions and shares.

Get creative

Easily create, edit, drag and drop modules in any way you like. You have the freedom to use any number of modules to create customized layouts that fit your brand.


Getting your content in front of your audiences has never been easier using our advanced distribution features.

Connect channels

Get the most out of your preferred channels by connecting them to your publication workflow. From social media to email, RSS and selected partners.

Maximize reach

Easily optimize your content for search engines (SEO) and maximize your organic reach.

Save time

Our publication process is streamlined using feedback of countless communications professionals. Increase your efficiency and save yourself valuable time.


Get real-time insight into the performance of your content and channels lets you discover best practices and new opportunities.

Real time insight

See data populate your dashboard and learn about your audience and their preferences.


Discover which content gains most traction and use your learnings to improve your next piece of content.

Share results

Easily filter and create selections to analyze your results and generate reports with a click of a button.

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