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VELUX: “We needed a strong digital window to the world”

The VELUX Group is an international company that manufactures roof windows, modular skylights, and accessories to create better living environments for their customers. With a presence in over 40 countries, headquartered in Denmark, the company requires a future-focused communications platform that enables them to convey their message cohesively and effectively to various stakeholders across markets.

“We needed a strong digital window towards the world. Having a digital space that you can use as a hub where journalists can get images and content was crucial for us to orchestrate a strong media outreach.”

Kathrine Westermann
Media Relations Manager, Velux

A digital infrastructure that grows and strengthens outreach

VELUX needed a digital content hub where their stakeholders could find everything they needed (press releases, images, and videos), and that was also well integrated with their social media channels, as they saw the benefit of leveraging all of their owned channels.

Presspage has brought together two central goals for the press department: building their own multimedia space tailored to their audience, and increasing outreach via social media. The platform’s integration with social media has strengthened VELUX’s reach, allowing them to turn their newsroom into a tool for proactive communications – a place from where they can launch content and bring visitors back to one single location. For Kathrine Westermann, “the newsroom is so much more in sync with how you do outreach today[…] It allows us to communicate on many channels, it’s a big plus.”

Solidifying their global corporate communications strategy

It started with just one newsroom for their corporate headquarters. Today, VELUX runs 27 individual newsrooms across Europe and North America using Presspage. Each national team manages its content, whilst maintaining a consistent brand message globally. Westermann explains “all newsrooms reflect our brand and are completely in line with our corporate identity, our corporate website, and our national sites.”

“For us, Presspage is a partner, not a vendor. It is not just about having a great media center, but it is also about good support in the roll-out of the newsroom and a high level of service”.

Carsten Suhr
Senior Digital Business Strategy Manager

Flexible and easy to use

For Westermann and Suhr, it was the platform’s flexibility and ease of use that made a big difference. Their old content management system got in the way of doing more, it was clunky and made things unnecessarily long. The team even had to send press releases to an external vendor to publish on their behalf. Using Presspage gave them full ownership of the editorial process. They can edit releases in the newsroom instantly at any moment, without external dependencies.

The editorial freedom also extends to analytics – the VELUX Group PR team no longer needs to dive into Google Analytics to get an idea of their content’s traction. Using an easy-to-understand Statistics module in Presspage, the VELUX team is able to gain insights which they can later use to optimize their content.

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