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Development Report Q3 2013

It has been a sunny summer full of new features!


In the last quarter we have worked on a significant make-over of the back end of our system. We added some features such as dynamic modules and a visual news carousel. We also strengthened our security and improved the implementation of video. Read on to find out more!

Creativity, efficiency and security

We have been working hard to enable your creative freedom to come out even more, while guarding efficiency and strenghtening security.

Dynamic Modules
One of the most important updates is the addition of dynamic modules. This update provides a better way of managing modules such as images, video, quotes, etc. It is now possible to add multiple modules to your case, and position them apart from eachother. So if one video gallery and two quotes are not enough, just add more and place them wherever you want.  

Security updates
There have also been some security updates, concerning IP addresses and passwords. It is now possible to protect your account by restricting access to your account to a certain IP address or range. Next to that, our system now checks for failed login attempts. If we receive ten wrong login credentials from a specific IP address, our system automatically puts the address on our blacklist.

Video Module
Our video module got a major upgrade as videos from over a 100 providers (from Vine to Brightcove to newschannels like CNN) can now be embedded on newsroom level and release level. This enables users to further enrich their releases with relevant and engaging video content.

News Reel

A very nice new feature on newsroom level is the addition of the newsreel, which works as an automatic carousel. The newsreel can be the visual centerpiece of your newsroom, displaying the featured images and titles of your latest three releases. You can activate the newsreel by selecting the newsroom in your account overview and choosing the 'featured' module from the module menu. The news carousel can easily be switched on or off and you can choose whether you want it to include the latest release or not.

Multiple Newsroom Distribution
With multiple newsroom distribution, it is now possible to publish one case on multiple newsrooms with the click of a button. This is even possible with newsrooms belonging to different accounts, provided both parties agree with the connection. With this new feature it is no longer necessary to copy and paste the entire message and its components into a new case, making the workflow for those handling multiple newsrooms much more efficient. Multiple Newsroom Distribution is available on request.

Multiple Language Support
We have redesigned the language selection and extended the options for more languages, such as Chinese, Japanese and Portugese. These languages are available on request.

Partnership with Pressvine enabling more distribution options

Finally, late August we announced our strategic partnership with UK software firm Pressvine. Having successfully launched their beta version in 2012, Pressvine recently unveiled a new cloud-based Public Relations software suite which enables integrated functionality from a host of partners. For PressPage it is always important to work with 'best of breed' partners, that allow users to become as effective and efficient in their communications workflow as possible, decrease distribution errors, and allow them to gain insight in the metrics of their send, search and share strategy. Pressvine strenghtens the 'send' aspect and helps PressPage provide an all-round localized solution for the UK market.

Working towards Christmas we'll keep you warm by releasing some big updates. Please take a look at the roadmap for more information.