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Download the ebook 'Optimizing your Newsroom for International Audiences'

Comprehensive list of tips and tricks for managing global PR newsrooms.


With the rise of social media, the changes in the traditional media landscape, the rapid succession of web-technology, and PR’s pressure to deliver more measurable contributions to bottom line company results, public- and media relations are in a time of continuous change.

For organizations doing business internationally, the added complexity of a globalizing economy and the need to communicate with different audiences in different geographical locations, time zones, and languages makes it a challenge of serious proportions.

This ebook is an introduction to the basics for running a newsroom for international audiences. The 4 chapters reflect the impact of technology and the growing influence of social media on modern PR and media relations strategies.

Bart Verhulst, Co-founder and Chief Strategist at PressPage
The newsroom is arguably the most tangible corporate PR asset a brand possess. It is the ultimate platform to inform multiple audiences in an effective and efficient manner and capture data on PR’s contribution to corporate goals.
Bart Verhulst, Co-founder and Chief Strategist at PressPage

PressPage provides the global newsrooms for Toyota, CBRE, Velux, Logitech, Mercedes, EPSON and many more. In talking to our clients, we have selected four interesting topics:

Part 1 - Searching for El Dorado
Making your newsroom findable and accessible for international audiences.

Part 2 - Showcase your global media contacts
Getting personal will set you apart from the crowd when building better media relations.

Part 3 - When it comes to content… Go local!
Why your global newsroom should localize content as much as possible.

Part 4 - 'Mobilizing' your newsroom
An essential part for a smooth running global newsroom is optimizing it for mobile visitors.


About PressPage

PressPage provides an innovative PR software platform for creation of advanced social newsrooms, virtual press centers and online media hubs. It enables brands to publish and distribute rich content, and provides direct insights into the results. PressPage empowers PR professionals by adding efficiency and effectiveness to their daily work routine.