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Information Security is no longer a choice, but a must

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The world has shifted into a digital age, where our data (personal or corporate, internal or external) is constantly under the threat of cyberattacks. Dealing with the consequences of cybercrime can cost a company up to USD 13 million (we’ll let that sink in). Aside from being costly, it also disrupts business and erodes trust – you would think twice before giving any personal data to an organization that has gone through public data breaches, right? This is why managing Information Security practices should be a top priority for most organizations, businesses, and teams around the world.

Most successful cyberattacks can be traced back to human error – the larger your team, the bigger the risk. Typically, enterprise-size companies tend to be more concerned about data breaches. Team size, risks, and reputation management all play a role in explaining why a lot of global enterprises consider security as a key factor when choosing a partner or service provider for their businesses.

At Presspage we are continuously striving to be a trustworthy and reliable partner to our customers. As a software solutions provider, protecting our customers’ data and information is of utmost priority for us. We strive to achieve a high level of data protection and strong information security management by adhering to strict policies and constantly assessing risks. Here are some examples of how we’ve implemented this in our work to best support communication professionals: from development and maintenance to software and services.

Industry recognized certification

Presspage has attained an ISO 27001:2013-certification, issued by DEKRA Seal (an independent certification body). This certification is verification that Presspage’s ISMS (Information security management system) complies with the meticulous international standards in ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its data and data processing - the three key aspects of information, identified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

DEKRA Seal performed an audit on the development, integration, maintenance, sales, and technical support of our software and services. Being awarded this ISO 27001:2013-certification means amongst others: that we’ve ensured that information is not available to unauthorized people or entities, that information is accurate, complete, and is accessible and usable when authorized people are requiring it.

Security in the Presspage platform

From an upgrade to our text editors to multi-factor authentication - information that goes in and goes out of our platform is protected by multiple security measures.


MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication. This extra security layer drastically reduces the likelihood of a successful cyber attack by requesting a security code generated by an authentication app (such as Google Authenticator) on top of your password. Since one-time passcodes generated by an authenticator app are much harder to intercept or spoof than text messages or emails are, Presspage only supports MFA by authenticator apps.

Single sign-on

SSO is an authentication capability that lets users access several applications using a single set of login credentials. It simplifies login, reduces the number of passwords used (and therefore vulnerabilities), and improves security and compliance. Presspage users are able to set up single sign-on for their accounts knowing that their passwords will be safe.

Data security at the user level

Internal vulnerabilities can also be exploited by hackers, cybercriminals can misuse privileges to access the core files of an application. We try to give teams the tools needed to close those gaps – implementing user permissions is another way to make sure people have access to the right level of information.

GDPR compliance

Aside from being transparent with our customers about what data we use and for what purposes, we must also ensure that any personal data uploaded to Presspage is secure. Presspage not only communicates this by means of its privacy statement but as the processor of personal data it also ensures that a DPA (data processing agreement) is concluded with its customers, as required by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Coming soon

We are continuously monitoring our platform with the help of various audits and tests. From an upgrade to our text editor to multi-factor authentication - information that goes in and goes out of our platform is protected with multiple security functionalities.

The text editor update will not only simplify and upgrade the user experience but will minimize the risk for potential exploits as it includes built-in content filtering and offers full control over allowed content.

To sum it up

With digitalization and remote work taking hold, investment into information security will likely see a global increase. As a software provider, we recognize its importance and hope our cross-cutting approach to security fosters trust and open conversations around the topic.

Interested in learning more about how Presspage manages information security? Get in touch!