Presspage celebrates its 15th anniversary

Presspage celebrates its 15th anniversary with an international campaign to digitally transform PR and corporate communications

Presspage, the Dutch Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company specialising in PR and corporate communications, is celebrating its 15th anniversary with the launch of an international campaign. The company was founded with a mission to revolutionise online newsrooms. Today, it serves customers around the globe with its all-in-one PR ecosystem. The new campaign is aimed at PR and communications professionals in the United States, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and the Benelux.

Digital transformation in PR 

Jan-Willem Schalkwijk, CEO of Presspage, explains why digital transformation is such a relevant topic in the industry right now, and why it is at the heart of the new campaign: ‘These days, a high-impact communication storm can develop overnight. When that happens, you’ve got to respond fast and appropriately, without beating around the bush. Especially if your company operates multiple brands or locations across more than one country, well-organised communication is the key. The communication industry is now also facing the challenge of how to maintain the human touch in a climate that is so heavily tech-driven. It might sound odd coming from a tech company like us, but often we actually argue in favour of less tech and more contact.’

Whitepaper Presspage

‘Still, if you’re a PR or communications professional, the last thing you want is to waste precious time using outdated software and tools. To stay agile and work more efficiently, the solution is to embrace a digital PR ecosystem that offers you all the right tools. That’s why we firmly believe in leveraging technology to save time that you can then devote to building personal relationships and working more proactively without wasting time on piecemeal solutions. Our new campaign is based on a white paper that gives PR and communications professionals a guide to building a digital PR ecosystem. Our message is clear: Control your narrative. Connect with your team. Communicate to the world’, says Schalkwijk.

International ‘3 Cs’ campaign

The launch of the international campaign marks a milestone for Presspage. It offers PR and communications professionals a detailed guide to improving their storytelling (Control), strengthening collaboration (Connect) and reaching a wider audience with news and stories (Communicate). The message will reach professionals in the targeted countries via electronic direct mail (EDM) and multimedia advertising, including videos and carousel ads.

PR ecosystem

Presspage was founded 15 years ago and has continually evolved to keep pace with technological developments and changes in the field of PR and corporate communications. Today, the company is a partner to PR professionals, spokespersons and communications teams around the world. The Presspage PR ecosystem offers these professionals a complete toolkit for working more efficiently, maintaining control over their communications, connecting with media and stakeholders, and sharing stories with the world. The ecosystem includes a built-in global media database, email distribution system and the recently added Inquiries Management Solution, a tool that lets communications professionals register and manage press inquiries and use AI technology to formulate press responses in the right tone of voice.

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About Presspage

Presspage is a Dutch tech firm with offices in Amsterdam and Chicago. It offers a specialised SaaS platform that helps PR, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations teams optimise tasks like hosting and managing media newsrooms, distributing press releases, and other corporate communication activities. The Presspage platform also enables teams around the world to efficiently publish online news and stories in multiple languages, directly via their own channels, social media and search engines. Users of the Presspage platform also benefit from a built-in global media database, email distribution lists and AI technology for creating tailored press inquiry responses in their brand’s unique tone of voice. Presspage serves hundreds of international organisations in the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and beyond, including Schiphol Airport, Bayer, Lufthansa, US Cellular, Pirelli, KPN, Odido, Smart, Gore-Tex, Goodyear, NN Group, University of Manchester and 

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