Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
18:00 PM

PressPage launches Mobile User Interface

Consumers of corporate media can now access the latest content on the fly.


PressPage launched its new Mobile User Interface (UI) for the world's most popular devices: iPhone, iPod Touch and Google Android smart-phones.

The leading content-sharing-platform technology provider has a completely new mobile UI, streamlining the user experience process, making it easier and faster to search and engage with corporate media on the fly.

Communication professionals clearly indicated that modern content consumers are often en route or in other situations where laptops are impractical. This update ensures a new look and feel for presenting corporate media that enables visitors on mobile devices to make their way through a brand's published content more intuitively, saving time and increasing engagement.


PressPage provides a SaaS PR platform with additional services for creation of advanced social newsrooms, virtual press centers and online media hubs. It enables brands to publish and distribute rich content, and provides direct insights into the results. PressPage empowers PR professionals by adding efficiency and effectiveness to their daily work routine.