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Supporting PR teams during times of crisis

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We won’t try to tell you how challenging things might be right now for everybody. You know. We know – and hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy at home. Since nobody can say with complete certainty how long this will last, people, institutions and companies alike are doing their best to adapt to a new reality. And we’re no exception. In the past weeks, we’ve been thinking of ways to put our expertise to use and make PressPage helpful during these times.

Like most companies right now, our main priorities are the safety of our staff and the needs of our customers, making sure we’re helping them navigate their day-to-day during these times. We recognize the importance of clear, reliable and up-to-date information. This is even more crucial for key sectors like healthcare or government which need to provide regular updates to the public. Communications professionals working in these sectors are busy pushing out updates on-the-go. Their function is crucial to keep us informed and encourages us to take the necessary steps to stay safe and, at the same time, protect vulnerable groups of society.

PressPage for government and medical care organizations

We’ve been pleased to see that our product offering helps some of our customers streamline their communications around COVID-19. We are also aware of the financial strain that this situation is putting in many budgets across the globe, and that, for many teams, sometimes this means making difficult choices. Therefore, PressPage is opening up the use of our platform to a number of organizations that work within key sectors and have an urgent need to set up a media center that lets them publish and distribute quick and consistent updates. 

We trust that newsrooms can be great tools for organizations and their PR teams in moments like these, helping them organize their communications and stay focused on their priorities by: 

Keeping a centralized repository or log of your content (which can come in handy for your team and external audiences alike when you need to produce constant updates). 

Organizing your content according to your audiences, if needed. 

Allowing journalists and other stakeholders to consult this information any time they might need it (you can add visual content, attach more information for context, and make it all accessible and easy to find). 

Measuring and monitoring the results of your work. Working at a fast-paced rhythm, it’s especially important to have quick access to data about your content’s performance so you know what works and where you need to focus on improving. 

If you work for a medical center or a government organization and are interested to set up a newsroom, you can find more information about this offer and apply for it here. 

We’re committed to facilitating great PR and will continue to support our existing customer base as we’ve been doing until now. We’re also looking forward to collaborating with those of you who have a key role to fulfill as we hope for better times. 


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