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The importance of returning to the human connection


Communicators have a problem at the core of their work: It’s more difficult than ever to get people’s attention. When you spend all your time behind the screen, you miss the core of communication: the human connection. Your technology should be an enabler to spending less time on screens and more time building key relationships. Here are some ways we see comms teams finding success by unplugging more.

Using both in-person and online channels to strengthen relationships

Today, it’s important to remember that we are all overwhelmed by the constant communication in our lives. When we are not talking to someone face-to-face we are texting, calling, video chatting, tweeting, and listening to podcasts and ebooks. All these different channels put a smattering of thoughts and facts into our consciousness. Now, it takes between 7-12 times hearing about a brand or service for it to register as something we take action on. To grow your reach and shorten your sales cycle, get into as many channels as possible - and don’t forget the power of the in-person conversation in a world so crowded with digital messaging and distractions.

Jan-Willem Schalkwijk, CEO at Presspage

Today, the world of communications has a problem: It’s more difficult than ever to get the attention of people. In a deeply tech-connected world, the noise comes in red dots, push notifications, video calls. But those bots miss the core of communication: the human connection. That’s why we see success in 2023 being less tech, more touch. Your technology should be an enabler to spending less time on screens and more time building key relationships. 2023 will be successful for communications teams who bring their creativity back online by unplugging more.

Jan-Willem Schalkwijk, CEO at Presspage

Less “copy/paste” and more “get sh*t done”

Your time is valuable whether you are in crisis or not. An outdated process that involves disconnected tools isn’t a problem that a slew of keyboard shortcuts can fix. With the right solutions, you can enjoy a slimmer tech stack, making you agile and efficient. So don’t get caught under the mess of an old process with tools that don’t know what you need. Get into your tech, get out, so you can use that time to create meaningful relationships at the press event tonight. So don’t get caught up in an outdated process, get back into the flow of autonomy and relationship building.

Getting your key message to the right people when it matters most

When the alerts hit, do you know who you can rely on? The time is urgent and it’s important to control your story when things are happening so fast. This is the moment to put your network to the test. Those connections you’ve been fostering? Put them to work for you. Now is when you cash in on your relationship building and turn your tech into a delivery machine.

The human connection is more powerful than any one digital channel. So while the tech reach is essential to keeping your brand relevant to the right people, the person to person communication is still where the magic happens. So get out there, you charming human you, and leverage all the great foundations that your tech has built for you by bringing your value to life. 

You’re the expert at human connection. Want to build the right foundation for your conversations and get your brand heard in the digital space? We got you.