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  • A pandemic like COVID-19, or a natural disaster like an earthquake
  • A strike by your employees
  • High profile court cases were taken against your company
  • Financial scandals
  • A fire at one of your factories or operational locations
  • Accusations against your senior leaders of discrimination, sexual misconduct or assault
  • An airline will always plan for a scenario where an aircraft fails
  • A food production company might plan for a scenario where a batch of food needs to be recalled for health and safety reasons
  • Manufacturing companies need to plan for product failures
  • Software companies might identify their most likely crisis as the threat of a data hack.
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  • Whether consumers will buy your product
  • If the general public would recommend your company
  • Policymakers and regulators in giving you a license to operate The financial community’s willingness to invest in your organization
  • How the media reports your point of view
  • Whether employees deliver on your strategy

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what to do
  • The media
  • The public
  • Your clients and customers
  • Your investors and shareholders
  • Your employees
  • Government or semi-state bodies
  • Family or next-of-kin (in case of life-or-death scenarios)
  • Try and include tangible actions (or ‘proof points’) that help you demonstrate the above three sentiments.
  • Keep the three Ps in mind too: in any crisis response effort, people come first, then the planet (environment) and not profits.
  • Never speculate: Include basic information and confirmed facts about the incident but as a general rule not why, it is likely that it will be too early to know the cause and a full investigation will follow)
  • Don’t unnecessarily reveal commercially sensitive information
  • If key facts are not known, this should be made clear and should not delay the drafting of the holding statement.

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  • The extent and tone of media coverage, online and offline
  • What was the outcome in terms of the company’s reputation?
  • Did public sentiment shift?
  • What was the impact on share prices?
  • How did the team’s pre-existing relationship with the media help or hinder your efforts?
  • What was the internal feedback from senior management on how the PR team performed?
  • What was the internal feedback from senior management on how the PR team performed?